Bérengère Bodin @Murielle Scherre
@Murielle Scherre

Bérengère Bodin was born in France in 1980.
She studied at the National Center of Contemporary Dance (CNDC) in Angers in 2000.

She led her first creation “Les mains Moites” in tribute to Samuel Beckett in a collective trio.
Then, she never stopped taking pleasure in mixing disciplines by collaborating with others artists:
“Je connais des gens qui sont morts” with Kurt D’Haeseleer, “Je suis un palimpseste et ce n’est pas un animal ! …” with Nicolas Marie, “Une catastrophe fantastique” with Lenneke Raschaert and Arno Synaeve, “Imaginary Concert N°11” with Steven Prengels…

During her international career, she performed and created pieces for some of the most renowned maestros and artists such as Raimund Hoghe, Joëlle Bouvier, Robyn Orlin, Christoph Marthaler, Philippe Grandrieux, Alain Platel…

Is it Theater?
Is it Dance?
Is it Music ?

She still dreams of touching a language that could escape any definition, where pure emotion would viscerally embrace each spectator !

Bérengère Bodin @Tuur Uyttenhove
@Tuur Uyttenhove


Une Île, 2021
Another Sacre, 2021
A solo voor Daniëlle, 2021
Night Butterfly, 2018
Alstublieft, 2018
Une Catastrophe Fantastique II, 2017
A vos souhaits, 2017
Une Catastrophe Fantastique I, 2017
She’s me, 2014
Je suis un palimpseste et ce n’est pas un animal, 2013
Met de dood voor Ogen, 2011
Je connais des gens qui sont morts, 2009
Les Mains Moites, 2001

On screens

Why we fight, 2021 (actress)
Au Suivant, 2021(director)
Imaginary Concert N°11, 2021(director)
Nous trois, 2018 (director)
The Scream, 2018 (dancer)
Un homme à la mer, 2016 (actress)
Words, 2012 (actress)
Red Room, 2010 (actress)
Bonjour Monsieur Satie, 2009 (director)
Tulles und sein Schatten, 2007 (director)

On stage

Communauté by Jonathan Châtel, 2022
C(h)oeurs 22 by Alain Platel, 2022
Orphée et Euridice by Christoph Marthaler, 2022
C(h)oeurs 20 by Alain Platel, 2020
Univers incomplete by Christoph Marthaler, 2018
Nicht Schlafen by Alain Platel, 2016
After Words by Isabella Soupart, 2015
Babbel by Kabinet K, 2015
Tauberbach by Alain Platel, 2014

C(h)oeurs by Alain Platel, 2012
Babysitting tête de cire by Robyn Orlin, 2012
Vitrines Printemps by Joëlle Bouvier, 2012
Musée en chantier by Joji Cie, 2011
Primero-erscht by Lisi Estaras, 2010
Babysitting Petit Louis by Robyn Orlin, 2009
Collision(s) by Isabella Soupart, 2009
Machinations by VocalLAB, 2009
KOD by Isabella Soupart, 2007
Ce que la nuit raconte au jour by Joëlle Bouvier, 2007
The Library by Claudio Bernardo, 2006
24/24 by Kubilai Khan Investigation, 2006
The connected curved by Carolyn Carlson, 2005
Vice-Versa by Nod Dance Cy, 2003
De l’amour by Joëlle Bouvier, 2002
Young people, old voices by Raimund Hoghe, 2002