Une île

Creation: AMOK Festival - Bruges (Belgium)

2nd October 2021

Bérengère Bodin - Une Ile @Nicolas Marie
@Nicolas Marie
  • Choreography and interpretation:Bérengère Bodin
  • Light and scenography:Nicolas Marie, Simon Neels
  • Stage Manager:Helmut Van den Meersschaut
  • Sound:Nico Vanderostyne and Carlo Thompson
  • Dramaturgy:Lenneke Rasschaert
  • Guitar Recording:Jo Mahieu
  • Coach Voice:Jakob Ampe
  • Music advice:Steven Prengels
  • Production:KAAP
  • Thanks To:Arno Synaeve, Roland Piffet, Isnelle Da Silveira, Edith Ulens, Isabelle Aubron, Merel Vercoutere, Les Ballets C De La B, CAMPO, DANSPUNT, VielNulVier Vlaamse overheid.

This is an ode to our personal (mis)sounds that make us who we are: unique, fragile, sublime, small, pathetic, raging and insignificant beings. Insignificant in itself and therefore representing just about everything …  

Bérengère Bodin - Une Ile @Rudy Carlier
@Rudy Carlier

One woman, alone, a forest of micros around her.
This moment she wants to grasp, she wants to celebrate and cherish.
Her slender body feels fluid and free, then cold and tense.
She forces it to its knees, binds it, listens to it grow older, throws it into battle and burns itself …
Her voice stirs. From the first cry to the wise words she has learned, from the most beautiful song to the breath that is her engine … 

Bérengère Bodin - Une Ile @Rudy Carlier
@Rudy Carlier
Bérengère Bodin - Une Ile @Rudy Carlier
@Rudy Carlier
Bérengère Bodin - Une Ile @Femke Den Hollander
@Femke Den Hollander
Bérengère Bodin - Une Ile @Mirjam Devriendt
@Mirjam Devriendt