Nous Trois

Dance film directed by Jonas Baeckeland – Choreography Bérengère Bodin


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The film won the Bronze Award from the Queen Palm International Film Festival in Florida and the Author’s Award as “Best Medium Length Film” in Mexico.

  • Director:Jonas Baeckeland
  • Written by:Jonas Baeckeland & Anne-Lore Baeckeland
  • Cast:Sarah Huppermans, Nele Theuwissen & Anna-Ganesha Gering
  • Choreography:David Hernandez, Bérengère Bodin, Mat Voorter, Lenneke Rasschaert, Anne-Lore Baeckeland
  • Producers:Sieber Marly & Lotte Van Craeynest
  • DOP:Dries De Clercq, Rik Zang
  • Editor:Tom Denoyette
  • Sound:Matthias Hillegeer
  • In Coproduction with:Gardner and Domm, SIEBER, Cacao Bleu, Bal Spécial
  • With the support of:The Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen, Stad Gent, Provincie Luik, Tax Shelter of the Belgian Government

Interweaving three stages of their girlhood, Nous Trois captures the childlike swiftness that maintained in Anna, Nele and Sarah’s intervening lives, from children to young independent women. The choreography and movements symbolically grasp their changing identity.

Bérengère Bodin - Nous Trois
Bérengère Bodin - Nous Trois
Bérengère Bodin - Nous Trois
Bérengère Bodin - Nous Trois