Like the full moon says

January 2026: Malpertuis, Ntgent, Kaap, Stuk... and other dates to follow

@Mirjam Devriendt
  • Concept and interpretation:Bérengère Bodin and Ivan Fatjo
  • Music advicer:Jakob Ampe
  • Light design:Rik Teunis
  • Coach:Danny Ronaldo
  • Dramaturg:Dann Borloo
  • Production manager:Maud Verlynde
  • Production:Malpertuis, Ntgent, Kaap, Stuk

A man,
He, she, they.
He is 45 years old.

A woman,
She, he, they.
She is 45 years old.

They dance.
What unites these two beings is their strong common desire to reinvent themselves.

It’s a story of friendship where the sexual libido is exceeded…
Exceeded? Or can we freely imagine it again, from scratch?
There is in this inevitable assessment the conscious desire to be reborn, to taste new things, to try to free oneself again from family, cultural heritage…

Laughter overcomes the need of acceptance of a body that is slowly beginning its path to decay… The flabbier buttocks, the wrinkles that write our story, the hair that turns white… A rediscovery of the body to fully inhabit it and see what kind of life is still capable of shining.

How do they dance? How do they dance?
All the strength of these bodies still comes from the ability to dream…

It is a night of a full moon.
Maybe that’s also why they are not sleeping?
Or it is a pure chance of time and a conscious decision, like 40-year-old teenagers listening to the deaf desire for a new revolution that flows through their veins.

There is nothing explanatory.
It’s not about inviting pity, but about taking and leading the audience into a wacky and brilliant world, biting and tender.
So that the spectators come out with huge smiles and a desire to dare to:
Embrace time and live life with vivacity!

Bérengère - Ivan @Mirjam Devriendt
@Mirjam Devriendt

Like the full moon says, it ‘s a celebration of life with our 40 years old…
We no longer have the energy of our 20s, but if we listen carefully to our body, it now has something else to show which is just as precious…