Au suivant

Premiere: 24th April 2021 (Belgium)

Official selection Inshadow Festival Documentary competition 2021

Bérengère Bodin - Au Suivant
  • Concept & creation:Bérengère Bodin
  • Filmregy:Philippe Piffet, Bérengère Bodin
  • Artistic assistant:Lenneke Rasschaert
  • Theater & movement coatch:Arend Pinoy
  • Vocal coach:Jakob Ampe
  • Camera:Bram De Waele, Philippe Piffet
  • Coordination:Elena Decock
  • Dancers:Anneleen Verhaeghe, Meaghan Timmerman, Romy Delbecke, Anna Slosse, Helena Verhaeghe, Lola Caus, Manuel De Vos-Clinckspoor, Jordy De Zutter, Odile Skaine, Emmy Van de Velde, Alycia Schoutteten, Olive Piceu, Dureti Windey, Michelle Gouwy, Seppe Schoonbaert, Cilke Bauwens, Kona Baute, Grace Mermuys, Romy Deroo
  • Production:Danspunt, fABULEUS, Concertgebouw Brugge & Passerelle

What does it mean to be successful?

Au Suivant  is a dance movie filmed in the iconic Concertgebouw in Bruges…

“Next!” Jacques Brel repeated it endlessly in his song of the same name. This poetic dance film is an ode to the youth that shines, to the fire that animates young people. A fictional documentary written by, for and with them.

They believe in moving, sweating and rising above themselves. The gathering takes place in an audition, representing a long line of sweating pilgrims, hoping the curtain will rise on them.

The youngsters throw their bodies into battle. They forget themselves and are completely absorbed in the dance. “Many are called, but few are chosen…” Unless we can see behind the curtain. Unless we can experience what goes on behind the scenes. Unless we can live their dream, as a radiant promise to the adults of tomorrow… We watch them, listen to them, observe them, spy on them.

Bérengère Bodin - Au Suivant
Bérengère Bodin - Au Suivant
Bérengère Bodin - Au Suivant
Bérengère Bodin - Au Suivant